12 mai 20

Fleet Europe Awards Jury President Alexandra Meville: "Apply now!"

The Fleet Europe Awards 2020 competition has started. Fleet Europe asked 4 questions to Alexandra Melville, Global Car Fleet & Mobility Category Lead at Accenture and this year's Jury President for the 2020 Fleet Europe Awards for fleet and mobility managers.

How do you feel being appointed jury president for the 2020 Fleet Europe Awards for fleet managers?

"I’m very honoured, it’s exciting and I’m really looking forward to the dossiers that we will see as a jury."

You are the first woman to be jury president. What does that mean to you?

"I would love to say that gender does not matter, but of course I’m proud to be a woman and to be the first woman as jury president. It shows also that there is a place for women in our industry and it’s a shame that there are no more women in our industry. It’s not my goal, nor my role to attract more women, but if I can, then that is for sure a positive thing."

"The fact that I’m the first corporate fleet customer to be the president is probably more important as it shows that we have a voice and that this not only driven by the suppliers. We as customers are now seen as main actors of our industry."

What is your main message to potential candidates?

"I would really encourage everyone tyo participate. It’s a very interesting exercise to do, not only showing what you are doing and what you have already achieved, but it’s also good to step back and reflect on what you have done with your team. Consolidating that work and coming in front of a jury of experts that give feedback can only bring you more energy and value to continue the good work that you have already achieved."

What do you want to see in the dossiers?

"I want to see several things. There is the European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year, where I encourage new fleet managers and fleet managers that have taken the first steps into the internationalisation of their strategy to participate and how difficult but exciting iut is to start from scratch."

"And I would love to see how people are going more and more into the internationalisation of their fleet with attention for mobility innovation."

"My final comment is that candidates don’t need to be afraid, but they should be energised in participating in the 2020 Fleet Europe Awards."

Discover also her video message and apply now!

Authored by: Steven Schoefs