20 avr 23
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Samsara to boost green fleets by launching Sustainable Fleet Management solution

Samsara to boost green fleets by launching Sustainable Fleet Management solution

Samsara, a global smart tech company providing 360 oversight of fleet operations through the Connected Operations Platform, has announced the Sustainable Fleet Management solution to help fleets reach sustainability. 

The strict European plans such as Fit for 55, which targets reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030, effectively drive electrification among European fleets. Meanwhile, Samsara is determined to improve it with the new Sustainable Fleet Management solution. Samsara empowers fleet operators to improve fleet efficiency by enabling them to track data in real time on the Connected Operations Platform. 

Now, advanced data analytics will help fleet operators to reach sustainability with the new solution, which provides the following: 

  • Fuel&Energy hub: Providing all the insights of fuel consumption of internal combustion engines (ICE), electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles in a fleet on a dashboard, leading to better decision making (available in open beta).
  • Sustainability Report: Allowing the visualisation and monitoring of fleet emissions, the Sustainability Report provides insights into current and future fleet operations (available in open beta). 
  • Charge Control: Relieves the anxiety of drivers by managing real-time EV charging at scale and sending notifications on irregularities. 
  • EV Sustainability Report: Following the Fleet Electrification Report solution of Samsara, the new solution provides fleets with a tailored list of ICE vehicles to enable them for the best EV transition. (Now generally available).

Samsara customers can leverage all these features with the existing solutions of the Connected Operations Platform and reach sustainability goals easier and faster. 

Operating in North America and Europe, Samsara added 15,000 new customers in 2022 and launched a tech centre in Poland last year to enhance European services. 

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen