1 déc 22
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Arval closes acquisition of Terberg

Arval closes acquisition of Terberg

Arval has completed its acquisition of Terberg Business Lease Group (TBLG), which was announced in September. Arval’s Dutch subsidiary will acquire 100% of TBLG from its shareholders, Royal Terberg Group and AutoBinck Group. 

Acquiring TBLG, which has activities in both the Netherlands and Belgium, will help Arval on several fronts:

  • With an approximate total of 500 employees and over 100,000 leased vehicles, Arval will become one of the largest mobility players in the Dutch market; and
  • Arval will further diversify its business product offering, among other things gaining a leading position in the private lease market in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

On the condition that all regulatory approvals will be successfully concluded, the expanded Arval Netherlands will be headed by a duo:

  • Andrea Falcone, who takes over as General Manager from December. His previous role was General Manager of Arval in Brazil; and
  • Rogier van Ewijk, until now CEO of TBLG, will also become General Manager at Arval Netherlands.  

“(This) announcement marks an important milestone for Arval (…) Diversification and strengthening our digital capabilities will accelerate our ambition to become a mobility partner, offering the optimal mix of mobility solutions to our clients”, said Mr Falcone.

“The digital retail strategy of Arval will receive a strong impulse from adding the JustLease label and its market-leading e-commerce platform. By combining the innovation capability of our teams we will provide the market with new sustainable alternatives in vehicle rental, private lease, car sharing and mobility budgets”, added Mr Van Ewijk. 

Image: Terberg 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs