27 fév 20

Calculate your fleet's fuel cost online (and save)

An online calculator launched by TMC allows fleets to estimate savings in fuel cost and mileage expenses. 

As its full name indicates, The Miles Consultancy is a specialist in managing fuel cost and mileage expenses. Its new online calculator allows fleets to estimate potential savings in those areas. 

Fleet types
The calculator covers company cars, LCVs and grey fleet. Visitors to TMC's newly redesigned website can estimate potential savings on pay-and-reclaim expenses, fuel cards with private fuel deduction, fully- expensed fuel cards and LCVs. 

The calculator distinguishes between various fleet types (commercial, public, rental companies, dealerships), all car fleet segments and by the products and services needed. 

15.4% savings
“This calculator is based on the data, knowledge and expertise that TMC has acquired over nearly 20 years,” sayd Paul Hollick, the company's managing director. 

In the company's experience, providing a better view of fuel and mileage costs ultimately gives fleets more control over expenditure: their 300 current client fleets have saved an average of 15.4% from implementing TMC's mileage capture solutions. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs