3 sep 19

5 Corporate MaaS providers with a different scope

With the rise of Mobility as a Service and the growing diversification of mobility of your employees, you might start wondering which MaaS schedule could serve you. 

DIY or not

Broadly, there are three options if you want to start enabling MaaS in your corporate fleet management. First of all, there is the DIY option, listing and allowing employees to use a variety of mobility modes on their own or providing a part of them yourself, which obviously comes with a lot of administrative and technical hassle. 

Hence, one of the following options might work better: either you give your employees a mobility budget which they can spend on a MaaS provider of their choice, or you cooperate with one of those private MaaS providers. Or secondly, you can choose to cooperate with a dedicated corporate MaaS provider, such as Vaigo or Xximo. 

We listed 5 corporate MaaS providers worth to take a look at. This is the first of a series, so follow this space to find out about other MaaS providers in the upcoming weeks and months

1.    Alphabet

Alphabet provides business mobility throughout Europe, helping companies to manage their corporate mobility. Moreover, Alphabet might be one of the companies with the longest experience in this sector, founded in 1997 as a fleet management division of the BMW Group. 

At the same time Alphabet provides more than MaaS management alone, it provides maintenance and repair management, tyre management, fuel management, accident management, fine management and even roadside assistance. 

The specific MaaS function of Alphabet is provider under the name ‘AlhpaFlex’, which allows an employee to use a mobility budget to be spend on a variety of mobility modes, from public transport over taxi services to cycling. However, the specific offer depends on the market. The employee receives freedom and flexibility in his mobility, while the employer can get more control over mobility costs, and increase the cost/CO2-awareness of employees. Yet, all travel movements and costs will be billed on one invoice, based on a fully automated data exchange with the corporate payroll system. 

2.    Mobilleo

Mobilleo is one of the first MaaS apps specifically created for businesses. Mobilleo can be used both by one-man businesses and by larger corporations. It includes thousands of travel providers in one app and allows you not only to plan, but to book and pay your travel as well via the app. 

The smart mobility technology of Mobilleo assesses a given business journey and provides various solutions, based on all forms of available transport, even private car use. Once you select the journey of choice, the platform allows you to book and pay at the same time – taking both the employees preferences as the company’s policies into account. 

Mobilleo does not only include mobility options, from flights to car rental, but also includes accommodation bookings and additional services such as airport lounge access.  

3.    TMC – The Miles Consultancy

TMC, the Miles Consultancy, provides both fuel management as business mobility solutions. Moreover, the Mobility+ part of TMC’s offer enables companies to manage all business-related travel costs via one single dashboard, including fuel costs, accident costs, vehicle leasing costs, car parking and tolls and even fines. In addition, the app provides not only mobility (taking planes and trains into the budget as well), but hotels, and even meals as well. 

Additionally, TMC does not only provide you the data and information on true mobility costs, but it provides outputs to reduce costs as well, and to improve company related policies and reduce carbon emissions. 

The fleet manager can set budgets per employee, per cost centre and/or per market, while the employee can keep track of their expenses via the employee dashboard, to stay within a specified mobility budget. In addition, TMC will make recommendations for optimising mobility based on employee travel patterns. 

4.    Vaigo

Vaigo offers a dedicated corporate MaaS Solution. It is not a MaaS provider itself, but Vaigo offers an administrative integration platform which links corporate processes to the variety of mobility and MaaS providers. Vaigo offers the full administrative and process support for companies willing to provide flexible mobility policies to their employees. 

Whereas Vaigo integrates expensing tools, it does not integrate broader travel planning tools such as hotels, or aviation, yet it focuses on the improvement of local mobility, both private as corporate commuting. 

Even though the app is currently only active in Belgium it must be easily scalable to other countries, and it is looking to expand on a European scale. 

5.    XXimo

Similar is the service of XXimo, active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The platform of XXimo provides relieve of the expense and administrative tasks related to a multimodal mobility offer. Employees receive a mobility card which allows them to pay for the different mobility modes they use. 

Interesting here is that the company itself can decide which mobility modes can be included in the mobility card package of a specific employee. The company calls it a ‘travel menu’. All modes included in the travel menu can be paid by the mobility card and MILO app – which is supported by the global Visa-network. All expenses will be collected on one invoice, which eases the administrative process for employee and employer. 

Moreover, the mobility card can also be used for fuelling, bike and car rental, parking, public transportation, and – as oposed to Vaigo – it can be used for hotel bookings, flights, and even the booking of meeting rooms. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen