16 déc 20

Download your e-Paper: Corporate Mobility as a Benefit

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged society and businesses in uncertainty, but it has also accelerated new expectations by employee. Employees have new expectations around work-life balance, wellness and health, expectations in terms of rewards and benefits, expectations in terms of mobility.

Companies that find the right answer to these expectations are best prepared to attract and retain talent. Talent for which a sustainable, smart and employee-centric mobility plan has become a key ingredient of the fringe benefits menu.

In our Novembers session of the Smart Mobility Institute, with expert presentations from Accenture, Frost & Sullivan and Philips and sponsored by 1st Mobility and Smart Mobility Challenge Award winner CMaaS, it has become clear that mobility is building reputation as part of innovative benefit strategies. Yes, Mobility as a Benefit (MaaB)!

Download the Smart Mobility Institute's E-Paper to learn how your company can prepare itself for a MaaB future! 

The Smart Mobility Institute is on organisation of Nexus Communication and media Fleet Europe. It is the cross-functional networking group of international buyer profiles(Fleet, HR, Mobility, Procurement, Facilities and Travel) willing to share experiences, explore new possibilities and inspire each other with mobility best practices.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs