9 nov 22

Discovering the True Power of Fleet Automation

The power of fleet automation has enabled fleet-based businesses to look into the future, allowing them to remain one step ahead of their competitors while staying mindful of the bottom line and keeping customers happy. But what exactly is fleet automation and how does it help?

What Is Fleet Automation?

Simply put, a fleet automation solution is modern technology that provides fleet managers and operators with fact-based, actionable information on the status and performance of their fleets. Often used to help combine information from disparate systems, it creates one single source of truth, taking the insights coming from your fleet and turning them into automated workflows. Viewed as the “watchdog” that observes every notification and task coming from your fleet, it serves as a comprehensive system, offering key information to help fleet managers automate everyday tasks and provide bigg picture guidance along the way.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Needs

While fleet automation is an essential part of a forward-thinking and modern fleet operation, it’s important to find the best solution for your specific goals. In order to remain an integral part of the drive towards business innovation, a fleet automation solution should offer the following:

  • Streamlined processes and easy-to-use systems
  • Integrated data that is usable and actionable
  • Insights into monetizing fleet operations
  • A system that works alongside your current telematics solution to upgrade processes
  • Flawless integration of manual processes into automated workflows
  • Turn Insights into Action, Automatically

With many systems and influx of data comes an increase in insights from your drivers and vehicles which can often create more actions for fleet managers to keep an eye on. While having this information readily available is helpful, it can create an increased workload with limited resolutions, creating a potential for information overload. 

Trigger the Right Workflows at the Right Time

The right fleet automation solution learns you’re the systems your fleet uses and turns that information into actionable, automated workflows. With the right workflow triggers, you can turn laborious work into easy-to-manage tasks with the touch of a button, identifying issues and resolving problems before it’s too late.

  • Automated responses to change vehicle status
  • Digital keys issued virtually for enhanced vehicle control
  • Monetize vehicles outside of core office hours through digitization
  • Remote immobilization technologies to prevent theft and vehicle restarts
  • Automate maintenance and repairs to ensure vehicles are always roadworthy 

Fleet-based businesses around the world are embracing innovations in technology to enhance overall fleet operations that have long-term, sustainable effects. While the benefits are many, below are a few that will have a direct impact on your fleet’s operations.

Benefit #1: Gain valuable insights into fleet operations

The data a fleet automation solution collects isn’t a string of complicated numbers or a confusing algorithm to decipher – it easily turns critical information into actionable insights, providing you with a clear picture of how your fleet is operating. 

By turning insights into action, you have an easy-to-understand roadmap at your fingertips that equips you with the information you need to create strategic operational plans while understanding how your fleet is impacted. It also serves as a “single source of truth”, combining data from co-existing systems into one place to give you an idea of what is working…and what isn’t.

Benefit #2: Streamline critical workflows

Labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past with fleet automation. Through the use of automated workflows, cumbersome fleet-related activities can be taken care of automatically, reallocating resources to focus on critical projects and initiatives. 

By automating the insights coming from your fleet, you put yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to addressing any issues related to your fleet that may pop up. Having real-time insights and alerts on vehicle status, delays and available optimized routes makes streamlining operations and increasing operating capacity much smoother and seamless.

Benefit #3: Improve fleet safety and security

No doubt the safety of your drivers is your top priority. From understanding their driving habits to equipping them with vehicles that are safe for the road, having a heightened level of insight into this information is critical in many ways. Through the use of a fleet automation solution, driving behavior reports can be automated, allowing you to course correct any negative habits behind the wheel before they turn into something serious. 

To ensure your fleet is always secure, the use of digital keys helps to assign the right key to the right driver at the right time. Physical keys are often associated with vehicles while digital keys are associated with the driver, granting immediate access and reassigning permissions should a key be lost or stolen. 

Benefit #4: Enhance driver performance

Personal driving behavior reports and real-time vehicle tracking can help you keep tabs on your drivers without having to micromanage them. A fleet automation system offers up informative insights into how to improve a driver’s individual performance, bettering the efficiency of your entire fleet. 

The types of insights you can utilize include to safe driving reports, route deviation reports, and mileage reports. The more you know about your drivers’ performance, the better you can manage their productivity.

Benefit #5: Improve fuel efficiency

The price of fuel is one of the biggest costs any fleet business faces. That’s why switching to an automated fuel management system will significantly improve your fuel efficiency and minimize the risks of fuel fraud. In fact, 55% of fleet businesses say they benefited from reduced fuel costs once they switched to an automated telematics system.

Not only does a fleet automation solution deter drivers from speeding and driving uneconomically, it provides access to automated fuel consumption system reports, preventing fuel fraud by keeping tabs on exactly how much drivers are spending at the pump.

Benefit #6: Make your customers happier

Using a fleet automation solution also helps you manage another critical aspect of your business – the customer experience. Improving your fleet’s productivity and efficiency results in significant improvements to the level of customer service you provide and when customers are happy, so is your bottom line. 

Automated insights offer actionable suggestions on how to better manage your fleet’s time and energy, ultimately freeing up more opportunities to develop your business, positively impacting your customers. 

Benefit #7: Improve the lifespan of your vehicles

Your vehicles are an important asset and making sure they are in the best condition possible while ensuring they are always road-ready is a top priority. Fleet automation solutions provide you with the data and information you need to quickly and easily identify maintenance issues, resolving them as soon as possible to keep your vehicles where they belong – on the road. 

Benefit #8: Reduce overall operational costs

A digitalized fleet is an economical fleet. Automated workflows make managing day-to-day tasks easier, but they also put money back into the bottom line by reducing maintenance costs and labor spend, increased safety and keeping your vehicles roadworthy which ultimately results in happier customers.

The world of fleet automation is one full of insights, action and results, paving a path for you to improve fleet operations by reducing costs, increase safety and enhancing your fleet’s productivity and efficiency. To learn more about how Ridecell helps move the world better through the power of fleet automation, click here.