9 jan 24

Fleet Europe’s LCV Advisory Board supports international LCV community

Light Commercial Vehicles have always been crucial for transporting goods and people. As such, Commercial fleets are a cornerstone of the economy, helping businesses to thrive. The surge of e-commerce and last-mile delivery is only boosting their importance.

The growth of commercial fleets goes hand in hand with an increasing variety of management challenges for their fleet managers. Think about regulation and legislation, sustainability and electrification, efficiency and utilisation, safety and driver behaviour, and cost control, to name a few.

As these challenges and the LCV journey ahead ask for dedicated answers and for increased LCV Management related content and expertise, we are happy to announce the launch of the Fleet Europe LCV Advisory Board.

The mission and objectives of the Fleet Europe LCV Advisory Board are multiple:

  • Build and support the International LCV Community
  • Develop knowledge and enhance expertise with and for the sector
  • Detect business opportunities by tracking trends and anticipating industry developments
  • Stimulate next-gen LCV fleet management

The LCV Advisory Board consists of a mix of business leaders from various industry disciplines to cover the interests of the LCV ecosystem, stimulating a collaborative environment where insights, expectations and best practices are shared.

The members

  • Guliz Alkaya, Global Director Indirect Sales, Shell Fleet Solutions
  • Jack Bowes, LCV & e-LCV Business Owner, Ayvens
  • Simon Cook, LCV Lead, Arval
  • Yvonne Gabler, Executive Director Vans&Trucks and Movie Sales, Sixt
  • Pieter Goossens, Manager Global Business Development, Athlon
  • Patrik Havranek, Head of Group Fleet Management, ISS Facility Services
  • Mark Howlett, Head of Sales Strategy & Corporate Sales, Kia Europe
  • Edward Kulperger, Senior Vice President, Geotab
  • Franck Leveque, Vice President Strategy & Innovation, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
  • Luca Mancuso, Global Category Manager Mobility, Schindler
  • Marc Odinius, CEO, Dataforce
  • Michel Ricq, Head of Global Account, Sortimo
  • Steven Schoefs, Head of Strategic Accounts, Nexus Communication
  • Marijn Slabbekoorn, Senior Director Fleet Management & Sustainability Europe, DHL Express
  • Kim Stenberg, Head of Global Mobility, Vestas Wind Systems
  • Saban Tekedereli, Category Manager Fleet Europe, Securitas and 2023 European Connected Fleets Manager of the Year
  • Caroline Thonnon, CEO / Business Development, Nexus Communication
  • Ben Varey, Associate Director Global Fleet & Travel Category Lead

The LCV Advisory Board will also support Fleet Europe with the development of LCV related content and expertise, for example for the 2024 LCV Expert Day, that will take place on 13 March in Brussels.

For more information about this initiative and the LCV related activities of Fleet Europe, reach out to Steven Schoefs, Head of Strategic Relations, Fleet Europe – sschoefs@nexuscommunication.be

Authored by: Steven Schoefs