2 sep 19

HERE delivers triple treat for Cabonline

Why is Cabonline switching to HERE Technologies for its mapping and location needs? Because HERE will not only help the taxi company grow, but also deliver better customer services and safer driver conditions – a triple treat, in other words!

Cabonline is the largest taxi company in the Nordic countries. Its platform powers booking, dispatching and payment for owned and affiliated taxi brands in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Together, they add up to around 5,700 vehicles. In all, the Cabonline platform manages more than 60,000 taxi trips per day. 

Efficient and scalable

That platform has now switched to HERE Technologies for its mapping and location services. The HERE Location Services suite will provide Cabonline with accurate maps, traffic info and routing algorithms. 

“With HERE as our location partner, we (…) can shape an efficient and scalable technology platform that can support our continued growth,” said Kristofer Signer, CTO at Cabonline. 

Drivers and customers

Using HERE’s market-leading insight and expertise will also benefit Cabonline’s drivers and customers:

  • Customers get better estimates for what a ride will cost.
  • Drivers will be safer, thanks to industry-leading mapping info showing taxi driving lanes, speed limits and EV charging points.
  • Both customers and drivers will benefit from improved ETAs (estimated times of arrival), thanks to HERE’s routing algorithms, based as they are on real-time, predictive and historical traffic data.

World-class mapping

HERE DashboardHERE Location Services will also provide Cabonline with improved post-trip analytics, which will help the company to increase the efficiency of its services. 

Talking of which: Cabonline is busily expanding its on-demand services. In the spring, it launched jip, a new mobility brand launched in Trondheim aimed at young professionals; and more recently it debuted Reliver, a service for efficiently returning goods ordered online. 

HERE is uniquely placed to support these – and other – expansions, says Stefan Hansen, the company’s SVP and GM for EMEAR: “World-class transportation requires a world-class mapping platform. We look forward to collaborating with Cabonline through its next growth stages.”

HERE empowers people, companies and cities to make sense of the world through the lens of location. Learn more at www.here.com.