7 juin 21

DHL France triples investments in green transport

The French branch of DHL Express announces it will invest 3 million euro to electrify its LCV fleet in 2021. In doing so, the courier leader hopes to deliver twice as many packages using ecological solutions compared to last year.

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E-LCV or bicycle

In 2020, DHL Express France has delivered 1,5 million packages using eco-friendly transport solutions, already 4 times more than in 2016. The parcel service aims to double that number in 2021 by investing on a large scale in ecological alternatives. To achieve their goal DHL France has secured a budget of up to 3 million euro, three times as much as they spent on green transport last year.

Today, DHL Express France has 28 electric vans in service—19 Renault Master ZEs and 9 Volkswagen e-Crafters. Throughout this year it will add another 74 electric vans to that list, some of which will be electric Ducatos DHL Europe helped Fiat develop. CEO Philippe Prétat explains, however, that “there isn’t one way to reduce your carbon footprint, we must focus on different solutions.” Aside from electrifying the fleet the parcel service therefore has a running partnership with Urb-it, a company that specialises in delivering packages by bicycle or on foot in the Île de France-region.

Zero-emission ambitions

Since 2019, DHL Express France has invested a total of 5 million euro to reduce the carbon footprint of its last mile deliveries. It aims to carry out 70% of such deliveries using green transport alternatives by 2025.

The Deutsche Post DHL group also has high ecological ambitions on a global level, as Philippe Prétat explains: “The group has a clear strategy for sustainable development. Globally, we aim to be zero-emission by 2050.” To that end, the Deutsche Post DHL group has secured 7 billion euro to already electrify 60% of its global fleet by 2030.

Photo copyright: DHL

Author: Joram Van Acker