23 fév 23
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ALD introduces e-cargo bikes for last mile logistics

ALD introduces e-cargo bikes for last mile logistics

ALD Netherlands is introducing electric cargo bikes from brands like Citkar, Sunrider, Fulpra and Goupil to solve the last mile logistics issues created by zero emission zones in Dutch cities. In a first phase, there will be 20 vehicles available.

From 2025, dozens of cities in the Netherlands will introduce zero emission zones for trucks and LCVs, in order to improve the air quality in urban centres. Additionally consumers demand faster times for deliveries and repair visits. 

ALD solves both issues with one solution: flexible leasing of e-cargo bikes. Or actually, more generally, Light Electric Freight Vehicles (LEFVs). This category includes electric bicycles, scooters and mini trucks, with storage space for parcels, tools or supplies. These vehicles are emission-free, and because they are quite compact, don’t obstruct parking or traffic.

ALD offers companies the opportunity to lease LEFVs for periods as short as one month. They can lease various models, to compare their effectiveness and usefulness. 

The market-wide offer follows up on a pilot with Circet, a telecoms and energy service provider, which has used ALD’s LEFVs since early 2022. One of the unforeseen benefits of the scheme: staff using the LEFVs don’t need a driver’s licence.  

Image: ALD Automotive

Authored by: Frank Jacobs