9 déc 19

ARC Europe integrates taxi hire in roadside assistance

ARC Europe is partnering with HERE Mobility to offer Digital Taxi solutions as part of its Smart Roadside Assistance (SRA) services. “Our B2B customers are looking for convenience in roadside assistance, and this partnership offers just that,” says Stefano Sarti, Managing Director of ARC Europe.

ARC Europe is Europe’s largest supplier of B2B roadside assistance services in Europe. Its SRA services are a white-label product aimed at OEMs and other major mobility players, who then offer it to their own customers under a proprietary brand name.

Request and track
In partnership with HERE Mobility, a digital marketplace for mobility services, ARC Europe is now piloting the addition of taxi services to its digital assistance package.  

The aim of Digital Taxi solutions is to keep drivers mobile after an accident. Drivers benefiting from the solution will be able not only to request and track an assistance vehicle using any digital device (smartphone, car dashboard, etc.), but also to request, book and track a taxi in real-time. 

Transport options 
The product, a first for the roadside assistance market, will be integrated simply and seamlessly in the pan-European SRA package. Taxi offerings will be made available via the HERE Mobility Marketplace. 

This global and open platform aggregates all transportation options in real-time, including taxis, private hires, and public transport worldwide. Via the HERE Mobility Marketplace, ARC Europe can provide smooth and reliable end-to-end transportation services to their customers, managing all customer requests via a single, streamlined dashboard.

Digital transformation
“Our main B2B customers are car manufacturers in Europe facing digital transformation, moving from car ownership to car usage and looking for a convenient experience also in the assistance context,” said Mr Sarti. “We believe that our partnership with HERE Mobility and accessibility via the HERE Mobility Marketplace will facilitate such transformation."

Authored by: Frank Jacobs