11 fév 21

Mobility solutions will account for 20% of Renault revenues by 2030

Renault has created a new business unit to focus on the fast-growing demand for mobility services, which it forecasts will account for 20% of group revenues by 2030.

Called Mobilize, the new unit aims to generate new profits from data, mobility and energy-related services.

Clotilde Delbos, CEO, Mobilize, said: “Many customers are expecting more from auto makers. They are moving away from consumerism and wish for responsible, efficient, clean solutions. As an auto maker we have all the assets and expertise to choose the role we want to play in the new car usage. We will transform this disruption into opportunity for profitability.”

Four new mobility EVs

Mobilize will develop four electric vehicles specifically for the mobility eco-system; two for carsharing, one for ride-hailing and a light commercial vehicle for last-mile deliveries.

The first prototype, the EZ-1 (pronounced ‘easy-one’, pictured above) is a connected, electric two-seater. Smart design features include keyless entry via a driver’s smartphone and an interchangeable battery pack so the car can be used non-stop – operators will simply remove and exchange flat batteries for freshly charged batteries. Mobilize’s LCV will be based on the EZ-Flex platform, unveiled as a concept in 2019.

Mobility-focused financial solutions

To support these vehicles, Mobilize will also provide innovative financial products, including leasing, subscription and pay-as-you-go models via RCI Bank and Services. Its customer targets include fleets, and city and regional governments looking to deliver sustainable, shared transport for people and goods.

“We’ll make fleet acquisition easier. The financial services provided by RCI will allow fleet operators to subscribe, lease or pay-per-use,” said Delbos. “This way fleet ownership costs can become variable. Smartly financed, fleet ownership can turn into an asset light model.”

Dealers become hubs of mobility

Mobilize also aims to capitalise on Renault’s 6,000-strong European dealer network to deliver its own mobility solutions ranging from one hour to several years. In Madrid, Renault had already partnered with Ferrovial to create the carsharing service Zity, which has a fleet of 500 electric Renault Zoe cars.

Recycling EV batteries

Continuing the sustainable theme, Mobilize aims to increase vehicle utilisation rates by at least 20% and to facilitate the circular economy by developing second-life applications for vehicle battery packs as a stationary source of energy.

“This will generate at least €1000 per battery,” said Delbos.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning