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Moving You, into the future of mobility

Fleet Support offers a complete suite of integrated fleet and mobility solutions.

Fleet management is becoming increasingly complex with the shift towards sustainable business travel. Flexible mobility budgets are replacing fixed lease allowances, giving employees the freedom to choose how they travel. In this fast-moving world, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right, future-proof solution?

For decades, major companies have entrusted their fleet management to Fleet Support, market leader in the Benelux for over 30 years. With expertise in fleet management, sustainability, new mobility policies and procurement support, Fleet Support is increasingly active internationally. They are now overseeing the management of more than 170,000 vehicles in 23 countries, from offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  

Moving You, into the future of mobility

The future of business travel will combine electric cars/vans, car sharing, rentals, e-bikes and public transport, all accessed via a user-friendly app and funded from a personal mobility budget. The challenge is how to bridge seamlessly from today’s fleet to this brave new world. This is where Fleet Support’s consultancy is vital, holding the key to boost your attractiveness as an employer, reduce your Total Cost of Mobility and lower your CO2 emissions. 

XPOfleet: essential software

Fleet Support's unique XPOfleet software provides 24/7 access to all your fleet, mobility and driver data. Smart, integrated data management links your fleet and mobility suppliers to XPOfleet, guaranteeing high quality data, while Fleet Support’s online dashboard visualizes your more strategic KPIs. 

Moving You, into the future of mobility

Strategic advice

Fleet Support’s experienced employees provide you with the strategic insights and operational expertise you need to make a smooth transition to zero emission travel, benchmarking your progress and maintaining tight cost controls. 

Outsourcing works!

Outsourcing keeps your finger on the pulse of fleet and mobility best practices. Fleet Support can manage your entire fleet, execute your car and mobility policy, communicate with employees and supervise your suppliers. This minimizes your operational headaches while maximizing your control.

About us

Fleet Support was founded in 1991 and is part of Mobinck, a division of AutoBinck Group. This Dutch family business (since 1907) is a leading player in the European mobility market, generating around €1bn in revenue, and operating in 23 European countries with over 1,600 employees.

Mobinck offers a comprehensive, international ecosystem of solutions that includes connected cars, mobility cards and -budgets, carpooling and car sharing, smart parking, software, apps and platforms, as well as consultancy and fleet management services.

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Fleet Support offers services in the areas of:

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