11 nov 21

New services fit for your programme - Fleet Europe Village

During the 2021 Fleet Europe Summit in Brussels, we were able to meet face-to-face once again in the Fleet Europe Village. With that said, here is a view of some of what’s new and who’s who in fleet and mobility, as seen at the event.  

Although the Fleet Europe Village featured more than 50 booths from OEMs, vehicle leasing, telematics specialists, fleet management companies and more, this brief snapshot will zero in on some of the new and innovative companies seen supporting the market today and beyond. 

For one, Mobinck was at the conference, a mobility consultancy group made up of seven pillar services. Some of the newest offerings under the group are from XXimo and SafeDrivePod, according to customer relations director Bas Bogerd.

As for XXImo, the service helps fleet managers pay out a certain compensation (per kilometer) to their drivers instead of mapping out traditional budgets. 

“For example, a company could be focused on reducing carbon emissions and this could mean calculating a payout of 19 cents for ICE vehicle trips, 22 cents for EV trips, and 24 cents for bicycle rides," says Bogerd.

Also under Mobinck, SaveDrivePod could support fleet management by monitoring driver behavior, a multifunctional telematics solution aimed at minimizing distracted driving.

Meanwhile, Dragintra was also at the event with their mobility budget tool which can be customized by inputting budget amounts from three indicators (car budget, mobility budget and employee cash payout). “We offer a monthly subscription based on a fee per car,” says founder and CEO Bard de Hoog.

A cloud-based tool specifically focused on accidents known as OpenClaims was also being showcased. “Our goal is to reduce costs on claims, and this means finding the best body shops to do the job, dealing with compliance issues, among others,” says COO Evert Jan Staggie.

The service is paid through an annual subscription and is aimed at vehicle leasing companies and their customers as well as insurance agencies.

Last but not least, for independent aftermarket maintenance such as engine repairs and tire management, Mobivia could be an alternative as it boasts more than 2,000 maintenance shops across Europe (except the UK) in its online platform. 

“We are an ideal alternative to dealership maintenance,” says fleet development director Olivier Renard, targeting fleet management and car rental companies as their clients.

These are just a few of the key players exchanging ideas and interacting with fleet and mobility experts at the Fleet Europe Village. For the full list of our event partners, see below.  We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you next time. 

Authored by: Daniel Bland