21 fév 23

Promoting MaaS to stakeholders: the 5 Benefits

Implementing MaaS is a complex process that requires an exceptional amount of sponsorship. Preconceptions are plentiful: employees don’t want it, there is no scalable supply chain, it adds complexity. Because of all of these, “selling” MaaS to stakeholders is challenging. 

Nonetheless, there are strong arguments in favour of mobility:   

  • Utilisation: the number of business miles is decreasing up to a point where the ROI of a company car is below 1. 
  • Flexibility: employees are asking for flexible benefit packages instead of the traditional salary-health-pension triumvirate. 
  • Sustainability: business travel and commuting need to be reported to measure the company’s sustainability performance. Within the fixed framework of company car fleets, this means electrifying, which hits a few limits (private vehicles, electrification limitations).
  • Employee wellbeing: the pandemic has not only put wellbeing on the agenda but has also created acceptance and budget. Wellbeing reaches beyond the scope of mobility, but mobility can contribute.
  • Futureproofing: sophistication of solutions and solution delivery has become a requirement to enhance the digital experience of employees, alongside upcoming regulatory restrictions for (company) cars

When writing the business case for MaaS, balancing tangible and intangible benefits is necessary to overcome its pre- or misconceptions. Most importantly, adjusting each of the benefits into the stakeholder matrix and highlighting how MaaS contributes to larger strategies, is imperative:

Stakeholder Problem MaaS Benefits
Human Resources Looking for flexibility in reward strategy Alternative to the company car
Human Resources Wellbeing Alternative for commuting by car
Finance / Procurement ROI of company car Combine lower mileage contracts with a MaaS budget
Sustainability 2030 targets Solve (part of) the challenges when electrification is not possible
Fleet Management Low utilisation rates of company car Replace (part of) the company car with mobility alternatives
Fleet Management Regulatory restrictions Ensure employee mobility by deploying MaaS solutions