26 oct 23

Rethinking Corporate Mobility at the Smart Mobility Institute

The Smart Mobility Institute at the 2023 Fleet Europe Days will reassess corporate mobility, as an employee benefit, but also as a tool to achieve better sustainability performance..

  • The Smart Mobility Insititute takes place on 22 November, the first of the two Fleet Europe Days, the action-packed assembly of all key actors in the European fleet and mobility industry – including you. Date and time: Lisbon, 22-23 November 2023. Find out more? Here’s the programme.
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Session 1: Uber for Business - Evolution of Mobility

The mobility landscape is continually evolving, and Session 1 delves into the changing face of mobility solutions. Uber, a pioneer in the ride-sharing industry, will explore new form factors and their suitability for corporate mobility. As companies strive to offer diverse transportation options, understanding the evolution of mobility solutions is crucial to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

Session 2: Enterprise - Mobility & Business Travel

Post-Pandemic Trend.  The challenge ahead for the fleet manager to tackle the rising cost and usage of private car KM reimbursement for business travel across Europe.

Session 3: Sixt - Promoting Mobility to Employees and Stakeholders

Mobility is often perceived by corporations as operationally complex, and by employees as less appealing compared to traditional company cars. In the third session, Sixt solves the challenges of demonstrating the relevance of mobility to both employees and stakeholders. Topics include the Mobility Value Chain, addressing complexity, costs, benefits, and handling typical comments from various departments like finance, procurement, HR, and tax.

Session 4: Fleet Logistics - Mobility as an Employee Benefit and Sustainability Tool

Traditionally, mobility has been viewed as a flexible employee benefit, but recent trends challenge this perception. Fleet Logistics leads an interactive session examining mobility's role in offering benefits to employees and contributing to a company's sustainability efforts. The discussion addresses the shift in focus from employee benefits to sustainability, while also recognizing the enduring importance of company cars in talent acquisition and retention.


The Smart Mobility Institute at Fleet Europe Days is set to be an essential conference for businesses looking to reassess the value of mobility in their corporate solutions. By exploring the evolving mobility landscape, the role of data, selling mobility to key stakeholders, and redefining its importance as both an employee benefit and sustainability tool, this event offers a comprehensive perspective on the changing dynamics of corporate mobility.

Picture Credit: Nexus Communication - SMI 2022

Authored by: Yves Helven