1 juin 22

Selecting the right partner in Corporate Mobility

How? Find it out on 8 June at the Smart Mobility Institute in Brussels
The mobility supply landscape is rapidly changing with the reinvention of corporate mobility and the wish to access more flexible and sustainable mobility solutions. 

Available solutions for corporate mobility vary a lot. Here are some observations:

  • Mobility solutions are often locally deployed, even down to city level. 
  • Traditional vehicle leasing and rental companies amplify their product and service portfolio towards a broader range of mobility choices, subscription- and shared mobility services. 
  • Innovative start-ups come to market with digital platforms integrating various services and sublime user experience functionalities. 
  • Solutions like salary sacrifice models and a mobility-for-all approaches open the door for intelligent micro-mobility providers.

Vendor selection is vital 
The recent developments in the pursuit of more flexible and sustainable mobility resulted in a plurality of providers. Selecting and onboarding diverse and smaller mobility suppliers can be a challenging task, that requires extensive resources and time, - and this for a good reason. Choosing the right partner from the start will create significant savings for your business.
Hence, you would also need to adjust your sourcing strategy with a changing mobility supply landscape. What will be your approach toward this developing supply landscape? Are digital procurement solutions an option to support your selection process? And what is your level of commitment? Are you seeking a partnership or a co-investment, or do you plan to use demand signals and go for the bulk-purchase approach? 
Smart Mobility Institute comes with tips from the pros 
Many mobility decision takers are still asking themselves when and where to start, looking for best practices to benchmark, and seeking dialogue with their expert peers. 

To answer these and other questions, the Smart Mobility Institute is organising a new 4-hour power expert session on Wednesday 8 June, from 13:00 to 17:00 CET in Brussels, Belgium. This session is dedicated to corporate buyer profiles, fleet and mobility managers and HR managers only. 

The session will deepdive into how you can harmonise your mobility strategy and ensure the selection of the best fit vendors supporting your transition from fleet to corporate mobility.

Click here to discover more details and register for this educative training session. This is your chance to learn, share expertise, and network with peers, sourcing professionals, and corporate mobility experts.

Authored by: Saskia Harreman