29 mar 22

Siemens UK launches automated rental solution for 15,000 employees

Siemens UK has launched an automated rental mobility service for all of its 15,000 employees, giving them on-demand access to rental and car club vehicles.

The company has secured membership for its staff of Enterprise Car Club, which already stations vehicles at five of Siemens’ offices. Employees will also be able to access more than 1,400 Enterprise car share vehicles in 200 towns and cities in the UK.

Siemens has already managed to reduce the number of its own fleet pool cars by one third thanks to the car club programme.

Cost management

Employees use their Siemens credit card to book trips on the Enterprise Car Club app, which tracks every journey through the company’s travel management system and ensures it is compliant with the travel policy and an essential trip.

Vehicles are unlocked with either a smartphone or the Siemens ID card.

Wayne Warburton, Head of Mobility Services at Siemens UK, said Enterprise has: “Helped us to reduce cost, emissions and business mileage while fully supporting a diverse range of employee travel needs.”

CSR wins

He added that the programme was helping Siemens to manage the current pressures on new vehicle acquisition, due to supply shortages, and to meet its CSR commitments.

“Because so many of Enterprise’s on-street vehicles are low- and zero-emission, the programme reaches our sustainability goals without affecting the business-critical journeys employees have to make to locations like wind farms,” he said.

Rental and car club

Adrian Bewley, Assistant Vice President of Business Mobility for Europe at Enterprise, said the close integration between Enterprise’s rental and car club businesses has enabled it to advise customers when a car club vehicle is a better option for a particular employee and journey.

“This brings an enormous opportunity to reduce costs in delivery and collection for the client and make business travel more convenient for workers,” he said.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning