30 avr 19

What matters is the access to mobility

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW, about the merger of car2go and DriveNow, the goals of the new company and the importance of flexible mobility. 

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOWWhat is SHARE NOW about? 

SHARE NOW unites the formerly independent car sharing providers car2go and DriveNow, and is part of the mobility joint venture of the BMW Group and Daimler AG. Together we are the leading provider of free-floating car sharing with over four million customers worldwide, including three million in Europe. Our customers can use over 20,000 vehicles in 31 cities in 14 countries. SHARE NOW is a sustainable as well as affordable alternative to the private car and provides easy access to an essential part of our everyday life, mobility.

What are the goals of SHARE NOW? 

SHARE NOW has a clear vision: to create sustainable mobility for and with cities. Our vehicles are used up to seven times more often than private cars. While privately owned vehicles are parked over 23 hours a day, a car sharing car of SHARE NOW remains in usage up to seven hours per day. This shows that car sharing frees up valuable space within cities and sustainably meets the mobility needs of millions of people. As car sharing is a real alternative, more and more people are willing to get rid of their privately owned cars. By bundling our resources and know-how, we want to further strengthen these positive effects. 

Is car sharing also a real alternative for business customers?

Being flexible as well as mobile is getting more important in daily professional life. The trend is moving away from the typical company car, which limits its user in so many ways. What really matters is the access to mobility. With free-floating car sharing, the daily commute to work as well as the way from the airport on the next business trip can be handled easily. Best of all, SHARE NOW is a really cost-effective alternative.

What do you think how will the car sharing market develop within the next years?

Car sharing is just at the beginning of its growth. Even more important, however, is its crucial role when it comes to the breakthrough of electric mobility. Already today 3,200 of our vehicles are fully electric. About 12,000 electric trips are taken every day with a SHARE NOW vehicle, and thus are driven locally emission-free. This year, we will continue to expand our electric fleet. By the end of 2019 over a quarter of our fleet in Europe should be electrically powered, as we are convinced that the future of car sharing is electric. 

More info: www.share-now.com