18 oct 21

Why net zero goals mean fleet and mobility must be reviewed together

Company directors need to review their future fleet and corporate mobility projects in tandem as businesses head for a carbonless future.

The overlap between fleet and mobility means each influences the other, so it makes sense for fleet, HR, finance and procurement teams to focus on the total cost of mobility rather than an individual mode of transport in isolation, says Wim Buzzi, founder and managing partner of Let It Fleet, the fleet and mobility consultancy firm.

Speaking in a Fleet Europe podcast at the start of Fleet Week, he said this twin-track approach acknowledges both the shift of company cars to electric power trains and the changing profile of vehicle ownership.

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“We still believe cars are the foundation of tomorrow’s mobility management, but these cars will be zero emission over time, and the ownership of these cars is likely to change,” said Buzzi.

As Mobility as a Service solutions start to offer a real alternative to individual car ownership, employees will begin to value: “the mobility that a vehicle provides,” he said.

Let It Fleet advises companies to adopt a four-step approach: analyse, plan, implement and support, prioritising the analysis phase.

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“Your business case stands or falls on the amount and quality of data that you base your strategy on, so don’t shy away from the workload,” said Buzzi. “Collect data on what types of mobility are available and what are desirable by employees, and when you have finalised the analysis you can make an evidence-based strategy that serves the finance, HR, and even the sustainability objectives of your company.”

In the implementation phase, Let It Fleet works with customers to align the processes and mobility policy with the original strategy, and then select suppliers capable of delivering strategy requirements.

“And we support the execution of the strategy, ensuring compliance,” said Buzzi.

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Authored by: Jonathan Manning