"To achieve TargetZero change is necessary"

The Smart Mobility Institute is back – and you’re invited!

Working title for the event: ‘Key drivers for change in mobility: flexible, digital and sustainable' On April 27, Fleet Europe and Sixt host the next session of the Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) in Munich, Germany.

The SMI is not just any old talking shop for corporate mobility managers. The Smart Mobility Institute was designed by Fleet Europe as the premier international think tank in Europe for corporate decision makers in Fleet, HR, Sustainability, Ttravel, Procurement, Facilities and Comp&Ben.

Thanks to that cross-functional setup, the SMI is the place where abstract mobility concepts become real mobility solutions, where corporate decision makers, stakeholders and influencers share actionable best practices, and where award-winning experts from across Europe point proven paths to sustainable future and attractive employee environment.

The SMI has never been more relevant than today. TargetZero is the only way to go. But sustainability is a challenge for every company, and every company fleet. Company cars still dominate our mobility ecosystem. Following the pandemic, we’ve all snapped back into our one-car, one-user model.

To achieve TargetZero, change is necessary, and urgent. Technological innovation offers solutions, as summarized by the acronym CASE: Connected, Automated, Shared, Electric. But which solutions are actually available, how can they be matched, and how much will they help to optimize your corporate fleet and mobility policies?

The best solutions result from clear but frank discussions and require tough decisions. And that’s exactly what the Smart Mobility Institute session on April 27 is offering you: a ground for inspiration, debate and decision-taking.

With the support of these expert speakers:

  • Michael Pohl, Senior HR Benefit Programme Manager, Microsoft
  • Steffen Krautwasser, Head of Global Fleet, SAP
  • Franz Fehlner, Head of International Fleet Management and Chauffeur Services, Allianz
  • Kai Andrejewski, CFO at Sixt
  • Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Director of Studies Smart Mobility Management, University St.Gallen
  • Kristof Hecht, Senior Executive Manager Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt
  • Saskia Harreman, Smart Mobility Ambassador, Fleet Europe

The session is open to fleet and mobility customers only. Join us in Munich and let's change the future for the better!

Author: Caroline Thonnon, CEO, Nexus Communication (pictured)

Authored by: Caroline Thonnon