27 jan 20

Uber offers discounted Nissan EVs for London in spite of ban

Uber may have been banned in London, it’s business as usual for the ridehailing giant. Last week, Uber announced a plan to offer its drivers a discount on electric Nissan Leaf cars.

As part of its Clean Air Plan, Uber has added 15 pence to all London journeys. Together with a carmaker discount, this surcharge will go towards offering drivers a discount of about £4,500 when ordering a new Nissan Leaf.


At the end of last year, Uber was banned by regulator Transport for London as TfL had reservations about Uber’s ability to guarantee the safety of its users. While the appeals process is following its course, Uber can continue to operate in the British capital and it appears to be stepping up its charm offensive.

Only last week, however, Transport for London released a letter setting out further details why it considered Uber not fit and proper to hold an operator’s licence. It remains to be seen whether greening the fleet will help turn around the ridehailer’s fate in London.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck