30 nov 16
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Kapsch wins Austrian toll system contract

Road infrastructure

It has been announced that Kapsch TrafficCom has been awarded the contract to implement and operate the ‘GO Maut 2.0 – Mauttechnik’ toll collection system (national toll collection system for vehicles over 3.5 metric tons) by Austria’s highway and expressway operator ASFINAG (Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft). The contract comprises modernizing roadside infrastructure at around 500 locations, and bringing the corresponding center (RSE proxy) up to the latest technological standards. The contract has been signed and work is due to begin immediately. After the new system has been approved, technical operation of the system will run for a period of ten years, with the option of five one-year extensions.

Instead of two gantries, future roadside toll enforcement will only require a single enforcement gantry. This gantry will bear the radio beacons and cameras for number plate recognition as well as an optical vehicle classification system designed for use in a national toll collection system for the first time. Using high-resolution video cameras and stereo video imaging processing technologies, the vehicle class and number of axes on each vehicle subject to tolls can be directly determined in free-flowing traffic. This enables a high degree of precision in enforcing adherence to tariff classes.

(Image: Kapsch)

Authored by: Tim Harrup