16 mar 23
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31% of Alphabet’s new deliveries are EVs

31% of Alphabet’s new deliveries are EVs

In 2022, 31% of fleet and mobility provider Alphabet International’s new deliveries were either BEVs or PHEVs. The sharp increase in demand for sustainable fleets is one of the most remarkable results in Alphabet’s annual report, released on Thursday. “We’ve exceeded last year’s goal of increasing the electrified share of new business”, says Markus Deusing (pictured), the company’s CEO. 

Some other notable results from the report:

  • In 2022, Alphabet’s business has remained stable, both in terms of vehicles in portfolio (700,000) and vehicles in the order book (200,000). Considering inflation and other economic headwinds, that’s a win. 
  • With its own locations and those of its partner OneNet, Alphabet has established its services across most of Europe and far beyond. Customers in Finland and Canada now also have access. 
  • Even after three years of strong growth of its electrified segment, Alphabet’s EV portfolio expanded by another 53,500 units in 2022. Today, one in three vehicles in Alphabet’s portfolio is partially or fully electric.
  • Due to the pandemic, customers in 2022 demanded more flexible solutions. This allowed Alphabet to further expand its rental business with well over 22,000 vehicles. 

“We will continue our mission of driving awareness and demand for sustainable, greener fleet options since this is of particular importance for our customers achieving their ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) targets”, said Mr Deusing. "Our order books are full and more vehicles are expected to become available again this year. For 2023, we again expect strong growth, especially for fully electric vehicles."

In this new year, Alphabet will continue to focus on its key objectives: keeping customers mobile at all times, providing reliability and flexibility, supporting them on their road to sustainability, and focusing on digitalisation.

Image : Alphabet

Authored by: Frank Jacobs