8 nov 23
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Belgium hosts exclusive motor show for fleet managers

The new motor show is for professionals only

With the long-lasting tradition of a public motor show grounded, the organising body Febiac has chosen a changing of the guards. In February 2024, a show for a dedicated audience of fleet managers and professionals will open doors in Brussels.

The first edition of the Automotive eMotion Summit: Shaping Policies & Fleet Innovations is crafted explicitly for the B2B and B2G market, commercial vehicles, mobility services and the societal role these play. No public ticket sale will be involved, as with a regular motor show, and the venue moves to the Skyhall, the former departure hall of Brussels Airport, making it easily accessible for international fleet managers taking an interest.

Electrification takes center stage

A motor show exclusively for professionals, ranging from fleet managers and SME representatives to decision-makers and journalists, is unequalled on a European level. Fleet managers will enjoy knowledge transfer while gaining insights into innovative technologies, industry evolutions, mobility solutions and new car models. The list of participating brands has yet to be unveiled. The lack of OEM interest was the reason behind the cancellation of the public Brussels Motor Show.

"But this is not a consumer's show, where you can buy a new car," comments Director of Public Affairs at Febiac Kris Ghysels. "The set-up is completely different." Obviously, the electric transition will take the main stage on the Automotive eMotion Summit: Shaping Policies & Fleet Innovations.

The event will be shortlived as it opens doors from the 20 to 22 February 2024 and starts with a debate around the theme "Futureproof Automotive Industry". Febiac is assisted by Mobia, the umbrella organisation for mobility in Belgium.

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Authored by: Piet Andries