2 sep 22
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EV Box promotes Remco Samuels as permanent CEO

EV Box, the Dutch provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and supply equipment, has promoted its ad-interim CEO Remco Samuels to lead the company permanently in this function.

Samuels (pictured in the middle of the image) joined the board of EV Box in May 2021 after former CEO Kristof Vereenooghe, who was heading operations for six years, stepped down to continue his career outside the company. Samuels replaced him, and the search for a replacement ultimately led back to him.

400 000 charging points

Before EV BOX, Samuels was enrolled at EY and ENGIE Netherlands, where he gathered extensive experience in the energy sector and apprehended to organize connected teams across multiple international business units.

The latter proves an essential skill in his role as CEO. With headquarters in Amsterdam, EV Box holds 10 offices worldwide. In 2022, it has already shipped 400,000 charging points to customers. Samuels will have to oversee the company's further expansion in the wake of the global charging infrastructure growth.

Image Source: EV Box

Authored by: Piet Andries