4 oct 23
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EV fleet modelling possible with Dynamon’s Synthetic Telematics

EV fleet modelling possible with Dynamon’s Synthetic Telematics

Fleet operations solution provider Dynamon has launched Synthetic Telematics, a feature allowing businesses to run and test a virtual electric fleet, modelling how vehicles perform in real-world conditions.

The technology, similar to that used by aerospace manufacturers and part of its ZERO software package, can take existing telematics data or create its own for commercial vehicle fleets that don’t have the information or can’t apply it.

Using ZERO’s database of almost all electric commercial vehicles, fleets and consultants can specify exact vehicles in detail, including battery size, tyre choice, weights, optional extras and accessories.

Synthetic Telematics is the proving ground for EV fleets

They can then create and test routes and set up fleet movements in simulated scenarios, including real-world geographic, traffic and road conditions. Added to this can be drop-offs, deliveries, rest stops or charging, as well as driving styles and weather conditions.

Angus Webb, CEO of Dynamon, commented: "Synthetic Telematics is a core part of the Dynamon offering and is available to any business worldwide looking to explore the path to switching to EVs. The technology works globally and has been fully tested in Europe and North America.

“Thanks to a recent £4 million investment from BP Ventures, Dynamon is poised to expand significantly, in the first instance helping businesses across Europe to access the ground-breaking technology we have developed."

Authored by: Alison Pittaway