2 avr 21
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Hyzon Motors launches hydrogen trucks and buses you can lease

Hyzon Motors brings hydrogen-powered trucks and buses to European fleet operators in a lease formula. The company claims it can achieve TCO parity with diesel-powered commercial vehicles in Europe.

It is not every day Fleet Europe writes about commercial vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes, but it is warranted as Hyzon Motors could be a precursor to a wider introduction of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Through the leasing service, Hyzon intends to enable European Union customers to operate the company’s vehicles through a leasing model, and to thereby fast-track the transition of their fleets to hydrogen fuel without compromising on performance.

Hyzon also announced that it aims to be among the first companies to supply customers with a hydrogen fuel-cell truck at total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with diesel-powered commercial vehicles in Europe. Hyzon expects to help customers achieve TCO parity through its alliance with multiple hydrogen infrastructure partners.

Hyzon expects to play a significant role in the European Union’s transition to hydrogen energy, through its manufacturing base in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Image copyright: Hyzon Motors

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck