18 oct 21

5 essential apps for EV drivers

Connectivity and fleet electrification are a perfect marriage. You can make the transition to an electric fleet and the EV journey of your drivers as easy as possible with these five smartphone tools.


Use the app to identify which electric car on a user-chooser choice list best suits a driver’s profile, based on their driving style and route profile.

  • Try a virtual ‘test drive’ of selected EVs.
  • Identify the EV that best fits a driver’s user profile.


The pioneering manufacturer of electric cars also has a pioneering app to help drivers make the most of their Teslas.

  • Lock / unlock the car with a phone.
  • Pre-set the internal temperature.
  • Check your range from your phone at any time.
  • Find the nearest charging stations.
  • Pay for charging.

EV Hotel

Find hotels with charge points so company car and van drivers can recharge their vehicles overnight on business trips.

  • International database of hotels with chargers.
  • Locate chargers within walking distance of hotels.

Open Charge Map

Use this non-commercial, non-profit, electric vehicle database to find public charge points in France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, UK, Canada and USA.

  • A free database of public charging stations.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready

This smart tool can check if company car drivers are ready to transition to battery power without compromise, by tracking their journeys over seven days and assessing whether the trips are within the range of an EV.

  • Check if a driver could switch to an EV without operational constraints.
  • Identify charging options along routes.

Do you want more information to succesfully manage the transition to an electric fleet? Download here the complete E-Book about Powertains and Electrification.