26 juil 22

CUPRA Born disrupts conventional charging with innovation

When it comes to offering the best solution for an all-electric car, surpassing drivers’ primary concerns today, the CUPRA line-up emerges as a revolutionary challenger. 

CUPRA Born, rising as the leading disruptor of the conventional electric-vehicle (EV) market, strengthens its sharp design, comfort and high speed with an innovative fast-charging network across Europe …more on that later but first ... 

The CUPRA Born perfectly matches electrification and performance, it goes far beyond the limits of today's expectations. The unique design, merging LED lighting with copper accents, is a display of sportiness, elegance, and style. Speedy comfort underpined with steadfast safety features, the CUPRA Born comes with five models: Essential, Business, Adrenaline, Performance and Copper Editions, which have a standard range of between 370km and 418km. 

Advanced in-car features and navigation systems adjust CUPRA Born perfectly for urban mobility and long-range journeys while eliminating concern about the time it takes to charge.

Fast-charging at more than 3,000 locations

CUPRA Born redefines how an all-electric challenger car is charged by adapting the Plug & Charge technology. The technology is supported by high-power charging station network provider IONITY and energy giant Aral, which is intensifying fast-charging investments in Europe. As a result, CUPRA Born drivers can access more than 310,000 public charging points throughout Europe. This number includes 10,000 fast-chargers with over 100kW charging speed at more than 3,000 locations. 

This is where innovation kicks in; CUPRA drivers don’t need a smartphone or RFID card to begin the charging process. Instead, CUPRA Born identifies itself when it arrives at the charging station through encryption, kicking off the automatic charging process. 

“Plug & Charge is a seamless approach to charging that exceeds the driver’s current expectations,” says Carlos Galindo, Global Head of Product Marketing at CUPRA. “CUPRA is making charging the CUPRA Born as simple and intuitive as driving the all-electric sporty car.”

The Europe-wide seamless and practical fast-charging network is ready for CUPRA Born. It is time to check out the best EV model for yourself. 

The main image and the in-article image are courtesy of SEAT.