7 mar 22

Electrify and future-proof your fleet with Athlon

The definition of success? Turning challenges into opportunities. Fleet electrification is a textbook example. Athlon has just published a whitepaper that shows how going electric can spark the rethink you need to future-proof your mobility strategy.

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds. If we want to limit the impact of climate change, we need to decarbonise our economies – including our transport. The answer: electrification. 

That’s why governments subsidise EVs, regulations favour them, employees demand them, and corporates are increasingly enthusiastic about them – especially with electric mobility approaching (and in many cases already surpassing) cost parity with ICEs. 

But where to start? And what to do next? Navigating your way to an Electric Fleet is Athlon’s whitepaper on electrification, guiding you through all the steps. 

In half a dozen brief but information-rich chapters, the whitepaper details the key points about electrification, and why it is – or isn’t – right for your fleet. 

The importance of electrification

An overview of the science and the politics behind the drive towards sustainability. Europe’s pivot towards EVs consists of pulls (e.g. subsidies) and pushes (e.g. emissions targets for OEMs). Coming soon: mandatory reporting on sustainability for medium and large companies.

The state of electrification in Europe

Everybody is electrifying, but not everywhere at the same speed. This chapter provides an overview of BEVs and PHEVs on the road in key markets, and details the availability of public charging infrastructure. Also: info on the specificity of e-LCVs.

Test case: an electric road trip

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Athlon put electrification to the test by taking an EV on a European road trip. A success – but revealing some challenges and concerns. 

The mobility mindset

Sustainable mobility is not just about switching to EVs. It’s about using the most appropriate mode of transport. In some cases: e-bikes. In others: planes. This chapter discusses the mindset required to pick the right ones every time.

When EVs are not the best option

What’s the most sustainable way to get around? EVs are increasingly the right answer. But if we consider not just CO2, but also travel time and cost: not always. From experience, Athlon knows that the answer varies for different routes. 

In short: one size does not fit all. Athlon’s whitepaper is an important tool for individual fleets to find out what works for them, and which tools they need to embed sustainability into their policy – for today and for the future. 

Navigating your way to an Electric Fleet is available without charge. Download it here.

Picture: During the Project Zero European Road Trip, Alexander Heijkamp, Athlon’s Sustainability & CSR Director (left) put electrification to the test by driving 12,000 kilometres through Europe, resulting 142 hours on the road with an EV. Here with Michiel Alferink, Managing Director of Athlon Belgium & Luxemburg (middle) and Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon (right). (Courtesy of Athlon)