9 nov 22

Exclusive Tyres for Electric Vehicles

The new Hankook iON EV tyres promoting sustainable mobility

Hankook is a leader in electric vehicle tyre technology and its specialist electromobility products are already being used as original equipment by Audi, BMW, Porsche, Tesla, VW and other leading brands.

The new iON products will be available for various purposes, in sizes from 18 to 22 inches, with tread widths of 225 to 305 and profiles of 30-60. The sum­mer tyre range is called the Han­kook iON evo, while the Hankook Winter iON is also now available.

Better efficiency

Firstly, products such as Hankook’s new iON range of EV tyres have been designed to offer minimal rolling resistance and better aerodynamics. Even the lettering on the sidewalls has been modified to reduce air turbulence. This means the car will use less power and can travel as far as possible between battery charges. 

The iON’s improvement in rolling resistance has been possible without affecting the excep­tional grip capability. The iON range uses natural oils to ensu­re less abrasion, while also being environmentally friendly and saving up to one kilogram per tyre in weight.

Less noise 

Electric cars are naturally quieter since there is no combustion engine. This means that other sources of noise – such as the wind or tyre roar - are more noticeable to the occupants. 

To counter this and make the driving experience as refined as possible, the iON range of tyres use Hankook Sound Absor­ber™ technology, incorporating a noise absorbing foam to reduce resonance inside the tyre cavity. Specially designed tread patterns also optimise the pitch sequence, so less audible noise reaches the cabin.  

High torque handling capabilities 

As electric motors can produ­ce their maximum torque from standstill it is easy to break traction, causing dynamic issues and excess tyre wear. To prevent this slippage, the iON range uses an op­timised block rigidity and extended outside shoulder blocks for maxi­mum road contact. 

The tread compound also con­tains a high proportion of natural resin, which ensures exceptional durability and reduced wear.

Worth the weight 

Electric vehicle batteries are heavy, meaning EVs have a greater mass than conventional cars. To maintain the dynamic qualities demanded by drivers of premium vehicles, it is essential to preserve tyre stiffness while maintaining ride comfort. 

Hankook’s EV Contour Techno­logy increases cornering stiffness by 10% compared to conventional tyres. It also distributes the load over the entire width of the tread, with extra-resistant aramid fibres counteract deformation. 

Triple A performance 

Your customers needn’t just take your word for the excellence on the iON range. It has been able to achieve A-B/A/A ratings in the official EU labelling sche­me for rolling resistance, wet grip and noise. This proves that Hankook’s iON tyres are premium, high-tech products which perfect­ly match the performance of your customers’ electric cars.