25 mar 21

Free E-Book lists EV incentives across Europe

Get it while it’s hot: Fleet Europe presents an E-Book that lists the EV incentives offered across Europe, which corporates can use to acquire EVs and/or EV charging infrastructure. 

As every fleet professional knows, electrification is here, and it’s now. National governments across Europe are offering incentives to speed on the change, and that government support – fiscal and otherwise – can be crucial in determining how and when to electrify your corporate fleet.

Fiscal architecture
However, when you’re dealing with a multinational fleet, spread out over various European countries, things can get complicated, fast. Every country has its own fiscal architecture – and that also applies to each country’s EV incentives package. 

How can international fleet managers get a handle on the complex fiscal landscape across Europe? Where to begin? Well, that’s where Fleet Europe comes in. As a forum by and for the European fleet and mobility industry, we saw an opportunity to add value, in the shape of an E-Book that offers clear and concise information on exactly this topic. 

In this E-Book, you will find: 

  • A stratification of European countries into three groups, based on the speed of electrification (which is linked to the level of incentives). 
  • Useful background and a practical overview of the measures in Europe’s most important markets. 
  • A look at the bigger picture – as a reminder that EV incentives are temporary and will end (relatively) soon. 

Big Five
Now, we are the first to admit that concise doesn’t mean comprehensive. 

  • More than 20 European countries offer EV incentives in some form or other. The E-Book concentrates on just 10 – but these do include Europe’s so-called ‘Big Five’, and a sampling of smaller, but advanced and relevant markets.
  • The E-Book focuses on incentives offered by governments. In some countries, Germany among others, OEMs offer their own set of purchase incentives, but that is outside the scope of this brief overview. 
  • This E-Book is a snapshot, and each national policy is liable to change at some point. Case in point: in the last few days, the UK has announced that it will redesign its EV grant system to target more affordable electric cars, LCVs and trucks. 

That being said, the best way to never get anything done is to wait for perfect conditions. This E-Book may not provide all the answers, but it’s a start, and a support, for the complex process of electrifying a multinational fleet. 

The E-Book ‘2021 incentives for EVs in Europe’ is free to download. Click here to get yours.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs