2 fév 24

Green Wheels: Mapping the Global Shift to Renewable Transport

Europe is leading the pack with unparalleled zeal in the race to embrace eco-friendly transport. The continent isn't just walking the talk; it's racing ahead. 

Driven by ambitious mandates like the Renewable Energy Directive and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, Europe is on track to hit a whopping 32% renewable energy consumption by 2030. Cities like Oslo and Amsterdam are setting bold visions to be car-free and carbon-neutral by 2030. This isn't just policy on paper; it's a movement powered by the people, with a significant 62% of Europeans ready to invest more in renewable energy.

North America – strong support for renewable energy

North America, initially lagging, is now picking up the pace in this global relay. The U.S. is charging towards a future of clean electricity, with California at the helm of zero-emission mandates. Canada's ambitious targets for zero-emission vehicle sales reflect a growing environmental consciousness, echoed by strong public support for renewable energy.

Kilowatts vs biodiesel in LatAm

Latin America's journey towards renewables is a tale of two stories. On one hand, countries like Chile and Colombia are making strides with electric buses and biofuel investments. On the other, the environmental impact of palm oil-based biodiesel casts a shadow on these green efforts. Brazil's thriving biofuel industry and Mexico's electric vehicle goals show a region with conflicting green goals.

Leading one way but not the other - APAC

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific region presents a contrasting narrative. Here, the shadow of coal looms large, powering over half of the region's electricity. But change is in the air, with countries like China and India pouring trillions into renewable energy. The APAC automotive industry, a titan in global vehicle production, is poised at a crucial crossroads, balancing its colossal carbon footprint with a budding commitment to electric vehicles.

A bumpy road for MEA

The Middle East and Africa are lands of untapped potential. The thirst for renewable energy is evident, but the road is riddled with obstacles. Oil dependency and infrastructural hurdles are significant speed bumps. Yet, with strategies like Morocco's electric vehicle initiative and Saudi Arabia's renewable program, the wheels of change are slowly turning.

Europe is a beacon of progress in this global narrative, inspiring other regions to accelerate their journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation future. This isn't just a technological shift; it's a revolution in mindset, signalling a greener tomorrow.

Image: shutterstock_2084996557

Authored by: Alison Pittaway