22 sep 20

How accessibility and flexibility drive sustainable mobility

Drastically lowering emissions is at the heart of almost every large city’s mid-term strategy. As companies rethink their corporate mobility policy, Jaguar Land Rover focuses on accessibility in terms of electric driving while offering an ever wider array of flexible mobility solutions.

Jaguar I-PACE EV320 Limited Edition: a fleet-optimised electric cross-over

The acclaimed Jaguar I-PACE hardly needs introducing. The 2019 World Car of the Year and 2019 European Car of the Year recently received a profound update, making it even more appealing to discerning company car drivers in search of a premium electric crossover that doesn’t settle for compromises.

The new 11kW on-board charger enables those with access to three-phase electricity supplies to enjoy significantly faster charging than before. Up to 53km of range (WLTP) can be added per hour using a 11kW wallbox, while a full charge from empty now takes only 8.6 hours – ideal for overnight charging at home. When charging ‘on the go’, a 50kW DC charger will add up to 63km in 15 minutes. Where 100kW DC is available, 127km can be added over the same period.

Also upgraded is the infotainment system, called Pivi Pro, which combines responsiveness with enhanced EV navigation that can show you if nearby charging stations are available or in use, what they cost, and how long it will take to charge.

To enhance accessibility to this premium electric cross-over, Jaguar now expands the I-PACE line-up with a highly attractive and fleet-optimised EV320 model. Sharing all of the attributes which made the I-PACE European Car of the Year and World Car of the Year, the EV320 features a new power rating of 320PS together with 500Nm of instant torque and benefits from an even more attractive price – while keeping the 90kWh battery of the EV400 version, as well as its comfortable 470km range (WLTP).

“By expanding our I-PACE portfolio, more company car drivers gain access to the pleasure and advantages of electric driving. Our EV320 offers an even more compelling TCO without compromising range or driveability,” explains Simon Dransfield, Director, Fleet & Business at Jaguar Land Rover Europe. “The EV320 is available to order now in select European markets and will be offered for a limited time only, so now is a good time to contact your leasing company or fleet management partner.”

I-PACE introduces wireless charging in Oslo

Accessibility is also about being able to enter tomorrow’s cities and move around freely in low and ultra low emission zones. The city of Amsterdam, for instance, will only allow electric taxis within its walls from 2025 onwards, following the lead of Norway’s capital.

“Taking a pioneering role yet again, Jaguar Land Rover has agreed to support the City of Oslo with the world’s first high-powered wireless taxis, which take the shape of the successful I-PACE. In a programme known as ‘ElectriCity’, we will join the region’s largest charge point operator Fortum Recharge and US technology developer Momentum Dynamics to build the world’s first wireless, high-powered charging system for electric taxis,” says Simon Dransfield.

Jaguar Land Rover will provide 25 Jaguar I-PACE models to Cabonline, the largest taxi network in the Nordics. The brand’s performance SUV has been designed to enable Momentum Dynamic’s wireless charging technology, making it the ideal vehicle to drive the initiative. A team of engineers and technicians from both Momentum Dynamics and Jaguar Land Rover were engaged to help in testing the solution, and Cabonline signed up to operate the fleet as part of Oslo’s ElectriCity programme. 

Picture: Jaguar I-PACE model provided to Cabonline, the largest taxi network in the Nordics.

From car seller to mobility provider

One of the world’s most important megatrends is urbanisation. As our biggest cities keep expanding, they are faced with several challenges, including lack of space, pollution and congestion. Sustainable mobility is therefore a key priority for every city council with a clear intention to maintain and even improve the quality of life. This requires providing a mix of smart mobility options that connect seamlessly.

“Did you know that one in three people living in big cities do not own a car? Still, many of them need access to rental vehicles for the occasional medium to long-distance trip”, says Simon Dransfield. “Jaguar Land Rover has long understood this need and offers convenient rental services in half of its German dealer network, with the rest of the network and other countries following in the coming months. Jaguar Land Rover dealers will evolve from car sellers to providers of flexible mobility.”

And Jaguar Land Rover goes further. In London, for instance, the OEM launched a premium all-electric chauffeur service with a fleet of Jaguar I-PACEs. This launch followed a successful 18,000-mile trial phase, backed by the company’s venture capital and mobility services arm, InMotion, which is committed to investing in innovative new technologies for an autonomous, electrified, connected and shared mobility future.

As such, Jaguar Land Rover walks the talk and readies itself for a future in which zero-emission, convenient, reliable, premium and flexible mobility enables cities and companies alike to thrive in a sustainable manner.

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