17 oct 22

Meet the new Mercedes GLC in our Fleet Reveal

With hybrid powertrains only, a sophisticated and luxurious interior and a versatile target audience, the new Mercedes GLC is designed for perpetual success in fleets across Europe. Find out in our Fleet Reveal video how this remarkable new compact SUV fits your bill.

The Mercedes GLC is the company’s bestseller for a good reason. Combining excellent TCO with low CO2 figures and a relaxing but confident drive, this compact SUV embraces the best of qualities for the corporate market in Europe. Mercedes has achieved more than securing the legacy with the new re-engineered generation. It succeeded in raising the bar.

Always hybridised, the new GLC sets new standards in efficiency, both in petrol and diesel guise. Long-distance drivers can even enjoy fast charging for a full battery in less than half an hour in one of the three plug-in hybrid versions, while zero-emission driving is not only possible for more than 100 kilometres but also automatically prioritised.

Safeguarding its reputation as a class act, the modern yet high-quality interior of the GLC is upgraded with the latest-generation connectivity, natural voice control and excellent comfort. But many more fascinating characteristics confirm the GLC's role as a corporate favourite.

Discover all the highlights of the new GLC in our Fleet Reveal video above.

Image Source: Mercedes


Authored by: Piet Andries