10 nov 21

Ricardo Koevoet named European Green Fleet Manager of the Year

The recipient of the 2021 European Green Fleet Manager of the Year award is Ricardo Koevoet, Procurement Team Lead Fleet Global at ABB.

This award celebrates the international fleet manager within a multinational company that has proved successful regarding the emission strategy of the vehicle fleet with a focus on powertrain selection, fuel and energy efficiency, CO2 emission reduction and optimisation and innovation in eco-friendliness.

The jury was impressed by ABB’s clear pathway to electrifying its entire global vehicle fleet by 2030 – a journey started as long ago as 2014, with the introduction of EVs in the Dutch market and elsewhere. From less than 10% of vehicle deliveries in 2019, the share of EVs has rapidly increased, to 25% in 2020 and more than 45% in 2021 so far. 

Mr Koevoet manages 10,479 vehicles worldwide, of which 7,810 in Europe. 

He received his award from Carlos Lahoz, Director of Sales Operations at KIA Motors Europe.

Authored by: Daniel Bland