20 jan 20

Second-gen Toyota Mirai brings hydrogen mobility a step closer

With filling infrastructure lacking in most European countries and the technology still being quite expensive, fuel cell vehicles are not a common sight on our roads. Yet, the new Toyota Mirai may bring hydrogen mobility one step closer to democratisation.

Launched in 2014, the first-gen was a model to create awareness about the feasibility of FCEVs and the role they can play in decarbonising transport. Toyota sold 10,000 units of them globally, mainly in Japan and California.  The new generation leverages the experience accumulated by its predecessor to offer 30% more range. That means a NEDC number of about 700km, so expect less than 600km under WLTP conditions.

Prices of the new Mirai will be communicated closer to the start of production, which is scheduled for the Summer. The outgoing model was priced at €66,000 excluding VAT in Germany. By way of comparison, a Tesla Model S Long Range, which boasts a range of 610km (WLTP), costs €73,000.  

Authored by: Dieter Quartier