29 aoû 23

Three ways for fleets to develop a more successful decarbonisation strategy

In the fleet industry, the case for change – for decarbonisation – is clear. Achieving net-zero emissions is vital, but so is the need to balance sustainability with productivity.

Finding that balance is possible. With the right solutions, expertise and data, fleets can establish a roadmap to a more environmentally and economically sustainable future. And this means approaching decarbonisation differently.

So, here are three ways that fleets can reframe their strategic outlook:

1. Use data to help drive decision making

Whatever stage fleets are at in their decarbonisation journey, data will play a crucial role. It can support planning, measure progress and help drive continuous improvement. 
The key to getting the most from data is integration. Integrating historic and real-time vehicle data through a telematics solution, for example, can provide fleets with insights that are valuable and actionable.

2. Identify the right solutions for their business

To achieve their goals, fleets need access to robust and scalable solutions – from e-mobility to lower-carbon fuels to carbon compensation.
They also need to work with providers who have the technological expertise and industry experience to support them at every stage of implementation to ensure those solutions can meet their specific business needs.

3. Collaborate to create clarity and buy-in

Clarity and alignment are critical to any fleet decarbonisation strategy. Especially when you consider the implications that such decisions can have across all areas of a business.
To mitigate issues – and support informed decision making – it is essential to collaborate and create a business case that drives alignment among decision makers.

Navigating the road ahead

The need to do things differently is why, at Shell Fleet Solutions, we created our Accelerate to Zero (A2Z) programme. Combining our portfolio of energy solutions and services with our team’s expertise, the programme can help fleets navigate key challenges – from the data they use to the customised solutions and support they need long-term. 
Through the programme, we work closely with fleets approaching their decarbonisation strategy – empowering them to act today and take the next steps on their unique journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Discover more about how Shell Fleet Solutions can work with you to help accelerate your fleet’s decarbonisation journey: http://www.shell.com/a2z

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Picture: courtesy of Shell Fleet Solutions