15 déc 20

Video podcast: Meet the 2020 European Green Fleet Manager of the Year

The 2020 European Green Fleet Manager of the Year Award was presented to Steffen Krautwasser of SAP. Watch this video podcast and find out what made his policy strategies stand out. Mark Howlett, representing award sponsor Kia, explains why SAP deserved this award.

This award celebrates the fleet manager within a multinational company that has proved success regarding the emission strategy of the vehicle fleet with the focus on powertrain selection, fuel efficiency optimisation and innovation in eco-friendliness.

Technology company SAP has an overall goal of reaching zero CO2 emissions by 2025. In order to make that possible, Mr Krautwasser introduced CO2 limits and alternative powertrain choices in all car policies including a bonification system. The global goal is to have one third of the fleet electrified by 2025. Today SAP’s fleet consist of 2,300 hybrid vehicles and more than 500 full electric vehicles.

Watch this podcast, presented by Fleet Europe Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs on top of this page.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck