8 juil 21

Yes, we meet again for a live 2021 Fleet Europe Summit!

It's finally here: we're getting ready for the 2021 Fleet Europe Summit, which will go back to a live format with face-to-face interaction. Mark your calendar and join us on 9 and 10 November in Brussels for the event of the year for the European fleet & mobility industry!

The Fleet Europe Summit is the event you have to attend to stay up to date about emerging developments in the fleet and mobility industry, with attention for hands-on best practice sharing, visionary thought leadership presentations, and the discovery of new products and services, and to meet and interact with industry peers.

After more than a year of online-only events, it will be a great opportunity for fleet and mobility insiders to meet again in real life, to have face-to-face talks, to share experiences and to have a good time. 

This year’s Fleet Europe Summit will take place in the beautiful SQUARE, a convention centre on the Mont des Arts in Brussels, offering a commanding view over the historic centre of the European capital. It is only a stone’s throw away from the Grand’Place, from the Royal Palace and from the many sights and monuments Brussels has to offer.

Fleet Europe Summit Themes

  1. Sustainability
    • This includes of course electrification, which requires charging solutions that can be used at the office, at home and on the go. Other zero-emission solutions are available, too.
  2. Post-COVID-19 fleet management
    • Strategies are evolving in a post-COVID world and new policies need to be developed. Some procurment trends can already be distinguished, others can be predicted.
  3. Corporate Mobility
    • MaaS is being embraced by more and more companies, and some are looking at Mobility-as-a-Benefit as the next step. We will look at policies and strategies for corporate mobility.
  4. Innovation
    • The fleet and mobility industries are teeming with innovation, particularly in terms of digitisation, fleet renewal programmes, vehicle availability and financial models.

Here’s a first glimpse of what you can expect at the 2021 Fleet Europe Summit on 9 and 10 Novermber in Brussels.

Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum

9 November 2021, all day


  • Remarketing Review 2021
  • Post-COVID Remarketing Strategy
  • Trends in Refurbishment
  • LCV Remarketing
  • AI in Remarketing

The full-day annual forum dedicated to the remarketing industry will bring discussion, case studies and networking for remarketing professionals. During the official dinner, the most innovative remarketing solution will be rewarded with the Fleet Europe Remarketing Award.

International Fleet Management Institute (IFMI)

9 November 2021, PM

International fleet trends after COVID-19 in Europe:

  • Identify the international trends that are game changers
  • Secure fleet implementation
  • Monitor fleet efficiency

The IFMI organises a live session where international fleet managers can present their case studies and learn from their peers. It is an opportunity to learn new insights from fleet managers with many years' experience in the field, or the benefit from a fresh look offered by new entrants to the industry.

Smart Mobility Institute (SMI)

9 November 2021, PM

The Brave New World of Car & Mobility Policies:

  • How to adapt your car & mobility policies for the future
  • How to develop your mobility profiling
  • How to offer Mobility Solutions as a Benefit for your employees

The Smart Mobility Institute is another event that is reserved for buyer profiles like fleet managers, HR managers etc. In this session, you can learn how to go beyond the traditional fleet approach and how to future-proof your policies.

Global Fleet Managers Club

9 November 2021, evening


  • Overview of activities in 2021
  • Global Fleet Survey: main conclusions and lessons learned
  • Global Fleet Mentorship Programme
  • Programme 2022

This exclusive members-only club is the ideal networking group for fleet managers with a global reach. We will give an overview of activities in 2021 and share best practices and lessons learned in an exceptional year.

Fleet Europe Village

10 November 2021, all day

The Fleet Europe Village contains both where the main stage where panel debates and presentations will take place, and booths where suppliers can showcase their products and services.

Test drive & vehicle exhibition

10 November 2021, all day

After the success it garnered at the Summit in Estoril, Portugal in 2019, we bring back this new addition to the Fleet Europe Summit programme. Take the opportunity to have a look at a series of new vehicles, to sit in them and to take them for a short spin.

Fleet Europe Awards Ceremony

10 November 2021, evening & night

The traditional grand finale of the Fleet Europe Summit, the Fleet Europe Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to meet in a more relaxed ambience but also to celebrate the winners of the Fleet Europe Awards, in various categories for both fleet managers and for suppliers.

Check back shortly on these pages and on the Fleet Europe event website https://summit.fleeteurope.com/ for more information and to register!

Photos copyright: Shutterstock

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck