30 jan 24

Vive la donnée!

In the latest session of Arval's Mobility Observatory, a forum dedicated to exploring trends in the corporate fleet market, Sarah Roussel, General Manager of Arval France, and Régis Masera, Director of Arval Mobility Observatory and Arval Consulting in France, delved into the evolving landscape shaped by the dual forces of electrification and mobility.

The corporate fleet sector, mirroring developments across Europe, grapples with the challenges associated with the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) and the integration of diverse mobility options. Key considerations in this transformation include the availability of suitable solutions, adherence to GDPR regulations, and the establishment of user trust.

Sarah Roussel emphasized the growing demand among fleet managers and industry leaders for practical solutions amidst the influx of data. Beyond the mere collection of data points, the focus lies on deriving actionable insights. A case in point was shared, where Arval deployed a telematics solution across 400 vehicles within a 2000-car fleet. The aim was to scrutinize vehicle utilization patterns.

After a few months of data analysis, the findings indicated that approximately 15% of the fleet could be replaced by innovative mobility solutions and car-sharing initiatives. Moreover, an additional 40% of the fleet was deemed suitable for electrification. This strategic realignment resulted in significant cost savings, amounting to 1 million, underscoring the tangible benefits of informed decision-making.

Roussel underscored the pivotal role of data-driven decisions in overcoming the psychological reservations commonly observed among both drivers and fleet managers when transitioning to alternative solutions. By leveraging data insights, Arval facilitated a smoother shift towards sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, proving the instrumental impact of informed decision-making in the corporate fleet sector. In short: Vive la donnée, or long live data!

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Authored by: Yves Helven