13 sep 21
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UK leasing company Zenith has gone carbon neutral

UK leasing company Zenith is now internationally recognised as having gone carbon neutral. The Leeds-based company has been certified to that effect by Carbon Footprint, an environmental consultancy. 

In December 2020, the company calculated its total carbon footprint for the first time – also including emissions from homeworking. This year, Zenith decided to offset its projected carbon emissions for the 2021 financial year by buying globally recognised and verified carbon credits. As a result:

  • More than 800 trees will be planted in Yorkshire schools, 
  • An investment will be made in a biomass project in Malawi,
  • An anti-deforestation project in the Amazon will receive support,
  • And so will a solar power project in Vietnam.

“The successful companies of tomorrow are the ones that take decisive action to tackle climate change today,” says Alan Bastey (pictured), Zenith’s Customer Relations Director (and EV specialist). Zenith aims to become an industry leader in carbon neutrality, setting a best-practice example for others in the sector.

Zenith is a member of the global EV100 initiative, which asks corporates to commit to electrifying their fleet by 2030. The company is accelerating the change, aiming to have a 100% electric fleet by 2025. 

Total corporate carbon neutrality takes into account more than just the company’s fleet; also the energy consumed by its buildings, supply chain, etc. 

Credit: Zenith

Authored by: Frank Jacobs