31 juil 20

National Grid planning for 30m EVs in Britain by 2040

20 years from now, 30 million cars on British roads will be electric, said the National Grid in a report published on Monday. EVs are only one way to reach the government’s net-zero emission target.

In its report, the National Grid looks at four scenarios for the country’s energy supply future. Under three of those scenarios, the official goal to emit net zero emissions by 2050 is more realistic than under the fourth.

Whichever outcome, EVs are essential to get there, as are heat pumps. By 2035, 80% of all cars in the UK will be battery electric, up from 3% last year.

By 2033, the National Grid predicts the power sector will have negative emissions, thanks to renewable power generation, carbon capture and storage technology that will actually store more CO2 than power plants will emit.

Earlier, BloombergNEF published a less optimistic prediction, saying there could be 17 million EVs on British roads by 2040 and doubting whether the target to phase out ICE by 2035 could be met.

Image source: Shutterstock

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck