3 juil 19
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Remarketing in the Spotlight with Bynx 12.9

Remarketing in the spotlight in Bynx 12.9 says Gary Jefferies

With remarketing firmly in the spotlight, Bynx latest release 12.9 makes it easier and less costly for customers to control and monitor resale activity.

Featuring a dedicated remarketing module and Disposal Stock Book, the fleet and mobility management platform enables existing purchasing of vehicles to better support online auctions.

The app also covers vehicle movements, inspections, multi-channel sales buying and online ‘closed’ auction sales. There is a supplemental Inspections app. A new compliance patterns and diagrams, covering a wide range of vehicles, keeps the focus on safety rather than just damage.

Better remarketing, greater returns

Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx, says: “Better remarketing helps achieve the best returns on disposal vehicles and optimise contract margins. Bynx enables customers to have better visibility of vehicle assets in disposal channels and enables remarketing without having to interface with third-party applications. This means transaction fees are avoided or considerably reduced.”

Authored by: Alison Pittaway