28 aoû 23

Eight good reasons to attend last Remarketing Expert Track of 2023

Data is the new gold. That’s especially true for vehicle remarketing, an industry sensitive to slight changes across many variables. If you’re not mining data, your competitors surely will. So how do you stay ahead in this new game? That’s the topic of this year’s last Remarketing Expert Track (RET), on 24 October (2-4 pm).

The RET is a free online event. Register here!

The RET is Fleet Europe’s ongoing series of online masterclasses for remarketing professionals. Experts are invited to present their take on important issues, to discuss them with each other, and to react to live questions from the audience. 

The title of the last RET session of the year is: ‘Accelerate Speed and Boost Profits: Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Remarketing’. As always, the event will be hosted by Johan Verbois, Fleet Europe’s resident Remarketing Expert. Here are eight reasons why you should attend:

1. Hot topic

We can now leverage market data to drive used-vehicle sales like never before. But how? We will deliver insights into the latest trends, strategies and techniques.

2. Focus on AI

The RET will explore the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence, and its potential to automate processes, improve customer experience, and maximise conversion. 

3. Market opportunities

Data is increasingly essential to spot and explore cross-border market opportunities, assessing consumer preferences and identifying used-car markets beyond one’s own borders. 

4. Expert views

As always, the RET will bring together the best and brightest experts in the industry to deliver insight and thought leadership. 

5. Essential issues

In a handful of sessions, the RET will develop actionable insights on essential issues such as residual value forecasting in this year’s volatile market; the evolution of data-driven pricing for used vehicles; and how to minimise cost and maximise speed in logistics. 

6. Interactive

The RET will close with an interactive Q&A session, allowing all attendees to put their questions to any or all of the experts present. 

7. Efficient timing

Your time is precious, so the RET uses it efficiently. The online session crams a lot of information into just two hours. 

8. Cost-efficient

Did we mention the RET is totally free? All you have to do to attend is to register. We look forward to seeing you then!

Image: Shutterstock 1653288229

Authored by: Frank Jacobs