17 oct 23

Fleet Europe’s Remarketing Forum, 10 years young, is better and more unmissable than ever

Fleet Europe’s Remarketing Forum, 10 years young, is better and more unmissable than ever

  • The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum takes place on the first day of the two Fleet Europe Days, the annual action-packed assembly of all key actors in the European fleet and mobility industry – including you. Find out more? Here’s the programme.
  • You can get a ticket for the Remarketing Forum, for the Fleet Europe Summit (on the second of the Fleet Europe Days), or for both. Check it out here.
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What will I learn?

Fleet Europe’s very first Remarketing Forum was held in Hamburg in 2014. Since then, the event has only grown in maturity and relevance. That’s why this year’s 10th anniversary edition is the place to be for forward-thinking remarketing professionals.

The Forum was set up to provide, well, a forum for an important and until then neglected part of the vehicle value chain, especially at European level. One of the first points of order: the need for a trade association. 

The next year, CARA, the European Car Remarketing Association, was born. As has been tradition ever since, CARA holds its annual General Assembly in the same location (and a day earlier) as the Remarketing Forum – a demonstration of the mutually beneficial relationship between both.  

Over the years, the Remarketing Forum has proven that it is where hot topics are identified early, and discussed profoundly – this year: the relevance of sustainability. 

What keeps remarketing professionals coming back, is that it’s better and more unmissable every year. 

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs