30 oct 23

Here’s what to expect at the 2023 Remarketing Forum

Adapt, improve and adopt: those are the three key concepts for Fleet Europe’s 2023 Remarketing Forum. Here’s what they mean.

•    The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum takes place on the first day of the two Fleet Europe Days, the annual action-packed assembly of all key actors in the European fleet and mobility industry – including you. Find out more? Here’s the full programme.
•    You can get a ticket for the Remarketing Forum, for the Fleet Europe Summit (on the second of the Fleet Europe Days), or for both. Check it out here.
•    Are a corporate decision maker for fleet and mobility (i.e. a Fleet/Mobility Manager, or an exec in Procurement, HR, Travel, CFO, CPO, COO…)? Then our Hosted Buyer Programme is for you! Click on the link for a significant discount.

Sustainable remarketing: that’s where the industry is headed. Centred on three key concepts – each corresponding to a full session – the Remarketing Forum will help you get there. 

Adopt: Innovations in sales and distribution

The agency model and other new sales and distribution models are revolutionizing the market. Time to identify and adopt what works best for remarketers. Featuring contributions by Rodrigo Da Silva (CECRA), Maarten Bekkers (Autochat), Ian Hucker (Lynk & Co), and Nicolas Fenêtre (BCA Marketplace), and a panel discussion with all of the above, plus Simon Dransfield (JLR Europe).

Improve: New value adds for remarketing success

Big Data, machine learning and AI have immense potential to improve the efficiency of remarketing. Let’s explore and implement. Featuring contributions by Eliron Ekstein (Ravin), Michal Matys (EuroCOC), and Brian Madsen (Cars2Click), and a panel discussion with all of the above, plus Andrea Amico (Privacy4Cars).

Adapt: The opportunities of electric powertrains

Every remarketing cycle, the share of used EVs increases. That presents challenges, but also opportunities. To overcome the former and benefit from the latter, the industry needs to adapt to the new reality. Featuring contributions by Jon Bulloch (Indicata), Viktor Irie (EV-volumes), Timothy Engstrom (Elysia), and a panel discussion featuring all of the above.  

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs