27 mai 21

New Remarketing Expert Track on 22 June: how to buy used cars online

In one afternoon, the Remarketing Expert Track will plunge vehicle remarketing industry insiders in the world of buying used cars online, today and tomorrow. Register now and join the thought leadership presentations, case studies, break-out sessions and networking opportunities.

Join the Remarketing Expert Track on 22 June 2021

More and more players are entering the remarketing industry with a complete offer to sell used vehicles online. Some are existing players like leasing companies while others are new entries on the used-car scene. At the same time, dealers of carmarkers’ franchise networks, are lagging behind.

On 22 June, we will look into what it takes to set up high-performing online sales, why some players are successful and why others appear to miss the boat.

Programme highlights

How Carvana convinced the world to buy cars online

In a world where e-commerce has drastically changed the way we buy products and services, the car industry is lagging behind. This opens up huge opportunities in the market for new players to build fully digital customer journeys. Silvan Cloud Rath will dissect the factors which launched Carvana on a road to success as he walks us through a typical customer journey, highlighting how those success factors have been integrated into the customer experience. 

With Silvan Cloud Rath, CEO @ Twinner. Entrepreneur. Digital Strategist. Executive Coach

The war for talent

In a thought leadership presentation, Wolfgang Reinhold will reflect on the current war for talent in this ever-changing remarketing landscape and the need for completely different profiles. He will explain the support CARA has created to assist the remarketing industry to cope with these challenges.

With Wolfgang Reinhold, Chairman CARA

Either you go digital or you don’t

The pandemic has pushed the number of “buy now” buttons or reservation functions on numerous platforms. However, they mostly don’t lead to the desired results. Digitisation is a complex process in which the code must be cracked to achieve a good result. To help you on your way, Frederic Apers and Sebastien Peeters will share their seven building blocks towards a high-performance digital dealership. They will zoom in on the human factor as differentiator, the preconditions to make it happen and will share some best practices.

With Frederic Apers, Managing partner CarFlowManager & Sebastien Peeters, Director Sales & Marketing CarFlow

8 September: Session on defleeting

Another session of the Remarketing Expert Plan, scheduled for 8 September 2021, will be dedicated to the topic of defleeting and of ways to find the fastest and most cost-friendly way to a sale. Keep an eye on these pages for more information.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck